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The Publisher


Regio-Journal was founded in September 2017 as part of the operational restructuring. Before that, the editor, Tobias Altherr, was to be found since the end of 2009 as an IT technician in the same business premises under the name "Factory-Works".

Media design, graphic design, printing and all services relating to IT, smart home & software were covered. This also included the design of print and online media.

After the “Regio-Journal” was only distributed in display in the “September” edition, the circulation grew to 5000 copies in October and was distributed to households in Friedrichsthal. This was followed by a further increase in the print run in 2018 in order to be displayed in Friedrichsthal in addition to the household distribution.

Since September 2019, a total of 6500 regional journals have been printed, which in addition to household and delivery delivery in Friedrichsthal also covers the city of Sulzbach including the Neuweiler, Hühnerfeld, Altenwald and Schnappach districts.

In our Regio Journal office you can pick up magazines, post job and obituary notices, post content, discuss advertisements and get to know "us".