Speeders, posers and tuners in the focus of the Saarland police

Police car (archive), about dts
Police car (archive), about dts
Am Freitag wurden im Saarland erneut Raser, Poser und tuningbegeisterte (mit nicht legalen Fahrzeugen) kontrolliert. Die Aktion darf als "erfolgreich" gewertet werden.

Saarbrücken (ots) - Saarbrücken. On Friday, September 11.09.2020th, XNUMX, the "target group-oriented traffic monitoring" of the traffic police carried out "traffic police action controls" with the focus on speeders / posers / tuning in the city center of Saarlouis with the support of the Saarlouis police station and two officers from the Kaiserslautern police station.

In the recent past, the Saarlouis Police Inspectorate recorded a large number of complaints from citizens regarding loud, tuned vehicles, some of whose drivers were too fast and inconsiderate on the streets. Therefore, the traffic police carried out a second large-scale control operation within a few weeks.

A total of 19 cars, four two-wheelers and one quad were checked between 00:01 p.m. and 00:61 a.m. The operating permit had expired for a total of 29 vehicles because they had not been lowered and the exhaust systems or vehicle lighting had been tampered with. The respective drivers had to leave the vehicles on the spot. They expect fines of 90 to 135 euros.

In addition to these technical violations, the traffic police initiated reports of administrative offenses with two drunk drivers and criminal charges with two drivers without a driving license. The police are now investigating the owner of a car with a gas pistol under the driver's seat for violating the gun law.

It is also worth mentioning the case of a driver whose car was taken out of service. He had to take care of the removal of his high-quality BMW. When he again appeared at the checkpoint with an SUV and trailer, the traffic police discovered that the operating license for this car had also expired, which promptly led to another report.

A French vehicle, for example, had a prohibited cow catcher, changes in the chassis, the engine and the lighting. A loudspeaker was installed in the engine compartment that could play various, very loud tone sequences. A running light system was also found behind the grille. This was followed by the ban on moving the vehicle in this condition in Germany and the deposit of a security deposit of 300 euros. The partner of the French driver who brought the money to the checkpoint also showed up with an illegally tuned car that had to stay where it was. Even the woman could not avoid a security deposit of the same amount.

The traffic police warn that further controls of this kind will follow.

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Originally written by: State Police Headquarters Saarland

The text is a press release from the responsible police authority. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.