Ramelow pleads for “Christian charity” at Moria

Bodo Ramelow, about dts
Bodo Ramelow, about dts
Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) has pleaded for the application of Christian charity in the course of the debate about the consequences of the fire in the Moria refugee camp.

"The conditions in Moria were a European disgrace even before the fire, and the living conditions there were unbearable," he told the "editorial network Germany" (Friday editions). "The fire only makes it visible, even if I describe the arsonists as perpetrators to be punished."

It is high time to accelerate the admission procedure and distribute those seeking protection across Europe. “Thuringia is ready to realize its share immediately. If Federal Minister Seehofer continues to say no to our humanitarian aid promise, then he has to take over the quotas offered by us as a federal government. "The left-wing politician emphasized that" disputes on principles "are" inhumane in view of the screaming need, Christian charity is required ".

Frank Remus, representative of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), told the RND that after the fires "the whole misery will become clear even to those who have so far closed themselves to the misery". Europe remains responsible and can help, for example through rapid redistribution and asylum testing, but also through further support for expanding capacities for decent accommodation on the mainland. “Both have to be implemented quickly in this emergency. Out of solidarity with the asylum seekers and with Greece as the host country and to prevent further disasters of this kind, ”said Remus.