R value below one again

Two men with respirators in Berlin S
Two men with respirators in Berlin S
In the wake of the corona pandemic, the number of reproductions in Germany fell below one on Sunday for the first time in eleven days - specifically to 0,89. This was based on the 7-day R-value, which fades out weekday fluctuations and is based on direct queries from the 401 independent cities and counties, which are evaluated daily by the dts news agency at 20 p.m.

It differs from the RKI estimates. Statistically speaking, each corona infected person now infects less than one other person, the number of active infected people decreases again. In particular, the corona outbreak at the Tönnies meat company had driven the number of new infections drastically last week.

By Sunday evening, only 309 new infections had been reported nationwide by the local health authorities, about the same as on Sundays before the outbreak in the Gütersloh district. The number of intensive care beds with Covid 19 patients fell again to an all-time low of 336 since all hospitals have had to report the numbers. At the beginning of the reporting requirement in mid-April, there were almost 3.000 intensive care corona cases in Germany.

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