Quad theft in elections

Weiskirchen-Thailen and Losheim am See (ots) - During his free time on Friday, November 06.11.2020th, 06.11.2020, at lunchtime in Weiskirchen-Thailen, a police officer from the North Saarland police station observed a motorcyclist and a quad rider at the car wash at the entrance to Thailen. There were no license plates on either vehicle. The black motorcycle, completely smeared with clay, was cleaned by the driver. Both drivers had previously driven to the car wash area. The police officer approached the motorcycle on foot, whereupon both drivers tried to flee. The police officer managed to arrest the driver of the motorcycle. This defended himself violently against the police officer. The quad rider then drove threateningly towards the police officer several times, so that he had to stop holding the motorcyclist. Both the motorcyclist, who fell twice as a result of being held, and the quad rider finally fled with their vehicles. The quad described is mostly white with blue parts. This quad was reported as stolen by its owner on the afternoon of November 05.11th, 06.11.2020. Accordingly, the quad is between 06.11.2020. and on November 06871th, 90010 in elections on Urwahlener Straße. Another PI Nordsaarland police officer saw both vehicles, also privately, on the afternoon of November XNUMX, XNUMX in a forest area near Thailen. The driver of the quad wore a blue jacket, the driver of the motorcycle wore camouflage pants and a dark jacket. Criminal charges were brought against the drivers, among other things for coercion and attempted bodily harm as well as for various traffic offenses. The North Saarland Police Inspection requests information about the two drivers and the vehicles described. Please send information to the North Saarland Police Department, phone XNUMX XNUMX.

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Originally written by: Police inspection in North Saarland

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