Private corona party with over 40 people dissolved

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If you have any doubts, simply break off the call. | Image: Kaiserslautern Police Department
The police broke up a private celebration with more than 40 people in a 50sqm apartment in Burbach on late Sunday afternoon.

Saarbrücken - Burbach (ots) - Late on Sunday afternoon, the police at the Saarbrücken-Burbach police station were called to disturb the peace. Even in front of the apartment building, the police could hear loud music and yelling. During the first conversation, even in front of the property, with two people coming out of the apartment, they stated that there were 6 people in the apartment. The apartment was visited together to have this confirmed. However, the officers were able to find more than 40 people in the approx. 50 square meter apartment. When the apparent birthday party ended due to the existing corona ordinance and the personal details were to be determined, the mood shifted so that the police measures to determine the identity and the eviction order could be carried out after other emergency services were called in. Proceedings according to the VO-CP will be initiated against all those present.

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