Press release No. 1 from PI SB-Burbach v. 16.06.2019 - robbery on bus driver

| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters
| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

Saarbrücken-Rodenhof (ots) - Saarbrücken-Rodenhof: In the evening hours of June 14.06.2020, 66113, a robbery occurred on a bus driver in Kalmannstrasse in 170 Saarbrücken-Rodenhof. The bus driver had initially parked her public bus on the street. When she got off the bus, she became aware of what appeared to be a helpless male person crouching at the bus stop. When she tried to help the man, the man suddenly attacked her and injured her hand. Afterwards he stole the wallet with cash carried by the bus driver. The man is said to have been about 40cm tall and of short stature. He was wearing a black mask at the time of the crime and was about 0681 years old. Residents or other witnesses who can provide information on the perpetrator should contact the Saarbrücken-Burbach police inspection on 97150/XNUMX.

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Posted by: Saarbrücken-Burbach police inspection

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