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Press release from the Neunkirchen police inspection dated May 21.05.2020, XNUMX

Ottweiler (ots) - Escaped prisoner from the Ottweiler prison

Today, a 17-year-old prisoner managed to escape from the Ottweiler prison by climbing over a fence. The prisoner moved towards Ottweiler. Thereupon, several police commands and employees of the JVA Ottweiler prison searched for the escaped prisoner. In the course of the search measures, the prisoner was found hidden under a hedge of a property in Mühlstraße. After being addressed, the prisoner fled on foot through adjacent gardens and fields in the direction of Bundesstraße 41. Finally, the prisoner jumped into the blies and could be arrested and arrested by the police command who was running after it. The prisoner was then transferred back to the Ottweiler prison.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Neunkirchen

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