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Press release from the police inspection in Neunkirchen for the period 22.05.2020 to 24.05.2020, 10.30 noon

Neunkirchen (ots) - Spiesen-Elversberg: Fire with damage to a garage On Friday morning there was a fire in Neunkircher Strasse in Spiesen-Elversberg, OT Spiesen, around 06.00:2.000 am. Several wooden and euro pallets, which were stored behind a double garage, had caught fire. The fire was quickly extinguished by the FFW Spiesen-Elversberg. However, the pallets and the back wall of the garage were damaged by the fire. It is currently assumed that the fire was started intentionally. The damage amount is estimated at approximately 06821 euros. Notices of perpetrators please to the Police Inspection Neunkirchen, Tel .: 2030-XNUMX

Neunkirchen: attempted theft from a car On Friday night, the side window of a VW Passat parked in Ostertalstrasse in Neunkirchen-Wiebelskirchen was broken by a hitherto unknown perpetrator. This was probably aiming for a tool case, which was however empty. The perpetrator left the empty toolbox next to the car. Notices of perpetrators please to the Police Inspection Neunkirchen, Tel .: 06821-2030

Neunkirchen: Traffic accident with 3 damaged cars On Friday afternoon there was a traffic accident in Brunnenstrasse in Neunkirchen around 13.00 p.m. A 44 year old car driver from Neunkirchen was driving towards Ringstrasse. Probably due to a weakness, he gets on the opposite lane and damages a car parked there. Due to the impact of this impact, this parked car is pushed onto another parked car. All three vehicles are no longer ready to drive and must be towed. An investigation was started against the driver, who was not injured by the impact, because of the danger to road traffic.

Ottweiler: Departure of a weekend house On Friday evening, the departure of a weekend house in Ottweiler in the area of ​​the Angen Elgenbach was found. The perpetrator cut a chain link fence and thus came onto the site. The door of the weekend house was opened. A fishing rod and a bag with fishing accessories were stolen. On the same day, an attempted break-in into a garden house in Finkenweg in Ottweiler was reported. There was a lever mark on the door of the garden house. However, the door could not be opened. Notices of perpetrators please to the Police Inspection Neunkirchen, Tel .: 06821-2030

Neunkirchen: dispute between two large families On Friday evening there was a dispute between two large families in Wilhelmstrasse in Neunkirchen. After a telephone threat, the windows of the caller's parked car were first smashed using iron bars. The personal details of the 25-year-old perpetrator were ascertained and criminal proceedings were initiated for property damage. After the forces had moved away, there was another message shortly afterwards that people would attack each other and that baseball bats would also be carried. The emergency services then identified around 50 people who belonged to the two extended families. Strong police forces were able to separate them. The use of the truncheon had to be threatened. The main aggressors were 4 men aged 19 to 34, all of whom live in Neunkirchen and belong to the two families. The murderous means could be secured. Several criminal proceedings were also initiated. After the families had been ordered to leave, the situation on the ground calmed down.

Neunkirchen: rioter injured police officer On Friday evening, police officers from Neunkirchen police were called to Millerstrasse in Neunkirchen. A 38-year-old woman had entered the glass panel of an apartment door there. She had slightly injured her leg. Since the woman was heavily alcoholic and was obviously under the influence of drugs, she had to be taken into custody. Here she hit a police officer from PI Neunkirchen in the face, which caused her to be slightly injured. The woman was brought to the office under forced use. A blood sample was taken from there. During the subsequent medical examination, a serious injury to the leg was found, so that the woman had to be taken to a hospital and guarded there due to her condition.

Neunkirchen: drunk cyclist drives into construction site fence On Friday evening, around 22.00 p.m., witnesses informed that a cyclist had crashed at a construction site barrier. The man would now knock over the site fences. As stated, the cyclist was a 34 year old man from Neunkirchen. The latter was heavily drunk and collided with the construction site barrier in Bliesstrasse and fell. Here he suffered abrasions and cuts on both legs. He had to be treated in a hospital in Neunkirchen. A blood sample was also taken from him.

Neunkirchen: Driving under the influence of BTM and alcohol consumption On Saturday morning at around 09.20 am, officials of the Federal Police in Untere Bliesstraße in Neunkirchen-Wellesweiler saw that a man, with the help of a friend, pushed his BMW car onto the sidewalk. The cause was obviously a gearbox damage to the car. When the 23-year-old driver from Neunkirchen was checked, it was found that the driver was under the influence of narcotics. A blood sample was also taken from him. During a further inspection, the driver of a Ford Focus was found by PI Neunkirchen officials around 10.30 a.m. in Neunkirchen-Hangard. The 19 year old man from Neunkirchen was also under the influence of narcotics. A blood sample was also taken from him. At around 18.30 p.m. on Saturday evening, it was announced that a car driver would drive serpentine lines in Schiffweiler-Stennweiler. It would partially come into the opposite lane and then slow down sharply again. This was a 70-year-old man from Schiffweiler who was heavily alcoholized. A blood sample was taken from him and his driving license was secured.

Spiesen-Elversberg: Escape from a traffic accident On Saturday evening there was a traffic accident in Spieser Strasse in Spiesen-Elversberg, OT Elversberg, around 17.00:06821 p.m. Here, an outside mirror of a VW Caddy was damaged. The opponent who drove towards St. Ingbert moved away from the scene of the accident without permission. The vehicle is said to be a Mercedes Benz Vito type car. The exterior mirror on this vehicle was also damaged. Please inform the police inspector Neunkirchen, Tel .: 2030-XNUMX, of the cause of the accident.

Neunkirchen: Burglary in the consumer market On Sunday morning there was a burglary in a consumer market in Bliesstrasse in Neunkirchen at around 00.30 am. Here a window grille was torn out with a pickaxe and the window broken. Targeted cigarettes were stolen from the market. These were brought to a waiting car with a shopping cart. The car then moved away in the direction of Wellesweiler. It is said to have been several offenders who were traveling in a black or blue Mercedes. Notices of perpetrators please to the Police Inspection Neunkirchen, Tel .: 06821-2030

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Originally written by: Police inspection Neunkirchen

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