Press release from the Neunkirchen police inspection for the period from June 19.06.2020, 21.06.2020 to June XNUMX, XNUMX

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Police Inspection Neunkirchen (ots) - burglary in Ellenfeld Stadium Neunkirchen

In the period from 18.06.2020 to 19.06.2020 UT, previously unknown perpetrators went to the Ellenfeld Stadium in Neunkirchen. There they climbed the gate to the grandstand entrance block A / B and went over the grandstand to a small sales stand, which is located below the roof, in block B. In the further course, the perpetrators gained access to the snack bar there and deliberately soiled the inside with mayonnaise. In addition, the perpetrators made use of soft drinks stored there. Ultimately, a propane gas bottle was stolen. The perpetrators subsequently fled the crime. The damage is in the middle three-digit range. Notices of perpetrators please to the Police Inspection Neunkirchen, Tel .: 06821-2030

Burglary of daily living in Spiesen-Elversberg

On June 20.06.2020, 11, there was a slump in day-to-day living in Spiesen-Elversberg. Accordingly, the hitherto unknown perpetrators went between 30:14 a.m. and 15:80 p.m. across the freely accessible garden behind the property of the 06821-year-old victims and pried open the patio door. Then the perpetrators went upstairs and ransacked all the cupboards and drawers. A small amount of jewelry was stolen. The perpetrators then left the crime scene via the entry path. The damage is in the lower four-digit range. Notices of perpetrators please to the Police Inspection Neunkirchen, Tel .: 2030-XNUMX

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Originally written by: Police inspection Neunkirchen

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