Prague Mayor: Belarus and the Navalny case are related

Prague, about dts
Prague, about dts
For the Mayor of Prague Zdenek Hrib, the poisoning of the Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny and the crisis in Belarus are related.

“Representatives of the Russian state are afraid of a domino effect. If change is possible in Belarus, it is also possible in Russia, ”said Hrib of“ Welt ”(Thursday edition).

The attempt to kill Mr. Navalny shows that someone in Russia is afraid of him, said the Czech politician. It should not be forgotten that both countries, Belarus and Russia, have managed the corona crisis "suboptimally" so far. “That cost the regime additional trust.” Zdenek Hrib, a member of the Pirate Party, has been Mayor of Prague in 2018. It is considered an energetic advocate for basic democratic values ​​in East Central Europe. In solidarity, the mayor raised the Belarusian flag in front of the Prague City Hall. He also accused the Czech President Milos Zeman of having no format in the Belarus crisis. "That's because of his sympathy for the Kremlin's policies," he said.

Hrib is also known for his critical stance towards Beijing. So he canceled a twinning between Prague and Beijing, instead he upgraded a partnership with Taipei in Taiwan. China does not recognize the sovereignty of the Asian island state. "A European city shouldn't have to commit to China's imperialist policy," said Hrib about a passage on the one-China policy.

The Chinese side did not allow themselves to be discussed. "So we decided to completely cancel the agreement," said the mayor of "Welt".