"Civilian" police officers on the move

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Heinzenhausen (ots) -

From an outside appointment, police officers are with me on Monday afternoon
a civilian company car to the Lauterecken police station
pulled back. On the B 270 near Heinzenhausen drove
Moped in front of them. It was 50 kilometers per hour
Driver too fast for a scooter
Insurance indicator. The inspection of the 65-year-old man showed
that the vehicle has been changed inappropriately and that it is not in the
Is in possession of the necessary driver's license.
The continued journey was prohibited, the driver's license office is
informed and the driver receives a criminal complaint. | pilek-AH

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Originally written by: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

The text is a press release from the Kaiserslautern Police Department. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team. POL-PDKL: "Civilian" police officers on the move