Police-known man resisted in downtown Merzig

The damaged car is on the hard shoulder in front of the residential building. | Image: Kaiserslautern Police Department

Merzig (ots) - Yesterday evening, around 21:08 p.m., the Merzig police inspection was reported to a psychologically striking man in downtown Merzig. The officers then found the 47-year-old, known to the police, on Poststrasse, who was there only dressed in underpants and a polo shirt and banged loudly against a shop window. Passers-by insulted the man as well as the police officers deployed with wildly insulted words. The 46-year-old then became increasingly aggressive towards the emergency services and finally attacked the police officers with clenched fists and shouting loudly. The trained forces were able to ward off the man's attacks and bring him to the ground in a controlled manner. Because of his health, the man was admitted to a specialist clinic. A blood sample was taken from him on suspicion of taking narcotics.

Due to the good weather, the incident was noticed by many passers-by and videographed using a cell phone.

The emergency services, who fortunately remained unharmed during the operation, asked witnesses and injured persons to contact the Merzig police inspection department, telephone 06861/7040.

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