Saarlouis police are looking for witnesses to a chase

Saarlouis (ots) - On Friday, October 23.10.20, 23, around 25:3 p.m., the police in Saarlouis Fraulautern intended the driver of a gray Audi A23 with a French car. In order to evade the control, the driver fled after crossing various streets in Fraulautern and Roden through the communities of Ensdorf and Bous in the direction of Wadgassen. The driver not only disregarded any stop signals from the police, but also red lights, avoided roadblocks, drove partly without lights and at high speeds and overtook other vehicles on his escape. The driver finally left his car in the Wadgasser industrial area "Zum Sitters" at around 38:XNUMX pm and continued his escape on foot.

The responsible driver, an 18-year-old from Heusweiler, was subsequently identified.

The car had false license plates that were seized by the police. The gray Audi was also seized due to unclear ownership.

Several criminal charges await the driver.

Witnesses who have been harmed by the driving behavior of the Audi driver or who can provide relevant information are requested to contact the police station in Saarlouis on 06831/9010.

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Posted by: Saarlouis police inspection

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