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Police Merzig asks for evidence after predatory extortion

Merzig (ots) - On Tuesday, March 17.03.2020th, 17, at 05:14 h, the police inspector Merzig was informed of a robbery or robbery at the “Bahnhof Stadtmitte” in Merzig. It was found on site that a 1-year-old adolescent, who was at the train track 4, FR Trier, at the “Bahnhof Stadtmitte” at the time of the crime, was physically attacked by a male person in the form of “pushes against the upper body”. In the course of this, the male perpetrator had repeatedly asked the victim to hand over cash. Since the injured party did not initially comply with the request, the perpetrator noisily offered the injured party the prospect of immediately stabbing the victim unless he was given cash. Due to this threat, the victim handed the perpetrator a total of 15 euros in cash. After that, the perpetrator, as well as an inactive other youth, fled towards the city park. The offender can be described as follows: Male, approx. 16-165 years old, approx. 06861 cm tall, Mediterranean phenotype and accent, strikingly crooked teeth, black hoodie, white / sleeveless jacket, dark sweatpants, white sneakers, wearing headphones in the ears. There is no description of the second inactive adolescent. Persons who can provide information on the perpetrator or the offense are requested to contact the Merzig Police Inspectorate, phone 704 / 0-XNUMX.

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