Shots at cars

Landstuhl (ots) - The Landstuhl police temporarily arrested a man on Tuesday night who had shot at moving vehicles. At around 22.00 p.m., a car driver reported that his rear window had broken while driving, presumably from a gunshot. Another damaged car was found during the investigation

A6 / Landstuhl, slightly injured after a rear-end collision

Landstuhl (ots) - On Monday morning there was a rear-end collision with two vehicles involved on the A6 near Landstuhl. The 65 year old driver of a Mercedes Sprinter hit the Ford Ranger of a 52 year old driving in front of him at high speed. The vehicles were so badly damaged by the impact that


Kerzenheim (ots) – Zwischen dem 07.08.20, 17:00 h und dem 10.08.20, 07:00 h wurde in Kerzenheim in die Grundschule eingebrochen. Die bislang unbekannten Täter überstiegen einen Zaun, um auf das Gelände zu gelangen. Es wurde zunächst versucht die Notausgangstür aufzubrechen. Als dies misslang brachen die Täter mehrere Kellerfenster auf. Die Täter

Traffic accident escape in the Salinental

Bad Kreuznach (ots) - On Sunday, August 09.08.2020th, 15.00, between 16.40 p.m. and XNUMX p.m., an Audi parked car was damaged in the parking lot of the Saline Theodorshalle. A previously unknown driver probably bumped into the rear bicycle rack of the Audi while pulling out of a parking space. In addition to the bike rack, the rear bumper was also damaged. The amount of damage is estimated at approx.

Burglary into gardens

Odenbach (ots) - In a garden between Odenbach and Adenbach, thieves were up to mischief between Saturday and Sunday. Seen in the direction of Adenbach, the property is located directly behind the exit from Odenbach, about 300 meters to the right of the L 182. The thieves opened several locks and finally levered them in

News from the police

Who saw the olive green SUV?

Otterberg (Kaiserslautern district) (ots) - The police are looking for the driver of an olive-green off-road vehicle that maneuvered in Otterberg on Lutherstrasse on Sunday evening. Presumably the driver bumped into the facade of a residential property while turning his jeep and left property damage. The resident heard a loud one between 19.30 and 20 p.m.

Two men on drugs

Kaiserslautern (ots) - The police are investigating a man from the urban area for violating the Narcotics Act. The 44-year-old had caught the attention of a police patrol on Monday night in the eastern part of the city and was then checked. When his backpack was searched, he also came across a so-called one-hand knife


Looked too deep into the glass

Weilerbach (Kaiserslautern district) (ots) - A car driver who was stopped in Weilerbach on Sunday evening had looked much too deeply into the glass. The car was noticed by a patrol of the US military police because of its unsafe driving style, which is why they stopped him shortly after 22 p.m. When checking the driver could clearly smell her alcohol plume

Troublemakers reported - drunk driving prevented

Kaiserslautern (ots) - Because of a disturbance of the peace, a police patrol moved to August-Herrmann-Strasse late on Sunday evening. On the spot, the officers found a group of four people who were apparently responsible for the noise. During the usual procedures, a man from this quartet was found to have a car key that belonged to a car,

Fire extinguished quickly

Kaiserslautern (ots) - It is thanks to the good nose of an attentive witness that a fire in the Volkspark was quickly extinguished on Monday night. The 62-year-old smelled the smoke coming from the park around 3.45:XNUMX a.m. and called the police. On site it turned out to be a trash can

Scratched paintwork and punctured tires

City and district of Kaiserslautern (ots) - A man discovered willful damage to his car on Sunday afternoon in Kaiserslautern. When the 31-year-old came to his vehicle at around 13 p.m. on Lämmchesbergstrasse, he found that the Audi A3 had been scratched by unknown perpetrators. The amount of property damage is not

News from the police

Crashed on the stern

Katzweiler (Kaiserslautern district) (ots) - Presumably out of carelessness and because he did not keep a safe distance, a driver caused an accident on the B270 on Sunday afternoon. The 35-year-old man was on his way from Katzweiler to Hirschhorn with his Opel Astra; two other vehicles drove ahead of him. As the 43 year old


Several hit-and-run accidents

Kaiserslautern (ots) - Several hit-and-run accidents were reported to the police over the weekend. The police are still looking for witnesses for all of them and ask for information. A car was rammed in the parking garage of the Pfalztheater in Martin-Luther-Straße on Sunday night. The owner of the affected VW classic reported to the police that


Thief takes purse out of shoulder bag

Kaiserslautern (ots) - Although she carried her bag over her shoulder, a woman did not notice on Saturday that a thief was reaching into it. Only at the checkout of the supermarket on Kurt-Schumacher-Straße did the 49-year-old realize that her wallet was no longer there. The woman was sure that the stock market was still

Traffic accident escape Industriestrasse, shopping center parking lot

Kusel (ots) - During the crime period from Thursday, August 06.08.2020th, 16 from 00:08.08.2020 p.m. to Saturday, August 21th, 15 until XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., there was a traffic accident escape in the Kusel industrial area. In the parking lot of a large shopping center, previously unknown road users damaged the VW Polo of the injured party, which was parked for parking. There was a dent and scratches on the passenger side

Fire while baling hay

Kollweiler (Kaiserslautern district) (ots) - During agricultural work in a field in the Kollweiler area, a fire broke out on Saturday afternoon. First the agricultural machine caught fire, then the fire spread to the already mown field. According to current knowledge, an area of ​​around 20.000 square meters burned down

Paramedics attacked - witnesses wanted!

Kaiserslautern (ots) - Because of a physical attack on a paramedic, the police are looking for witnesses who were out in the old town on Sunday night. In particular, it is about observations around 0.30 a.m. in the Raabengasse area. The rescue service was on duty here to take care of a helpless person and

Invaded swimming pool

Kaiserslautern (ots) - Burglars in the Erlenbach district used a wall to gain access to a residential building extension. They pried open a glass door to a swimming pool and stole pool cleaning accessories. The amount of property damage is not known. The exact time of the crime is unclear. The break-in was discovered on Friday around 11

Shady parking spaces are in demand

Kaiserslautern (ots) - The driver of a VW Golf secured an unusual, but shady, parking space on Saturday morning. After he had parked his car on a sloping company yard in an industrial area, the car became independent due to the handbrake not being applied and only came after the collision with a shady one

Novice driver drives against stairs under the influence of alcohol

Odenbach (ots) - In the early hours of Sunday morning, a young car driver crashed into the staircase of a residential property in Obere Glanstrasse. As a result of the collision, the entire staircase and the car of the perpetrator were significantly damaged. The police estimate the total damage to be 25.000 euros. The passenger and the driver joined in

Driven against the wall in a drunkenness

Wolfstein (ots) - On Saturday lunchtime, a car driver went off the lane in Bergstrasse and drove into a boundary wall. According to initial findings by the police officers, the cause of the accident is likely to be the considerably high alcohol level of the 60-year-old driver. The result of a breath alcohol test carried out at the accident site showed a value of 3,78 per mille. The damage

Traffic accident escape

Münchweiler an der Alsenz (ots) - In the period from 07.08.2020/08.08.2020/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX, a previously unknown vehicle driver in the Gonbacher Straße in Münchweiler got off the road and damaged a chain link fence there. He then left the scene of the accident without worrying about the damage. At the fence

News from the police

Burning car damages house wall and parked vehicles

Kaiserslautern (ots) - On Friday afternoon, the driver of a Renault Megane Scenic noticed that there was smoke from the engine compartment of his vehicle. He then drove his car into a property entrance on Mannheimer Strasse. The car caught fire shortly afterwards. The fire brigade in Kaiserslautern put out the fire, but could not prevent it