36 cars and 13 motorcycles checked, 13 operating permits expired, 11 vehicles prohibited from continuing

Police control "Poser / Tuning scene" at GONDWANA - and intervenes

For a few weeks now, autotuners and posers have been meeting at GONDWANA Park in Landsweiler-Reden to shine with their coiffured mobile stands. Some of them struck again and again - right up to car races. The police took action on Friday for the first time.

The police in Neunkirchen say that it is “In the past (mainly in the evening hours) there was an accumulation of vehicles in the parking lots of the GONDWANA Park which, due to structural changes, could clearly be assigned to the "tuning scene". In the context of the prevailing "imposing behavior" in the scene, there was considerable noise pollution and impairment of other road users and residents, up to speed violations and even possible prohibited motor vehicle races."

Residents repeatedly complained of extreme noise from music and engine noises, "drifting vehicles", car races in the parking lots and in the adjoining traffic area, as well as littering of the parking area.

Raser also felt these effects in the Bildstock district of Friedrichsthal.

Now the police checked in the evening of June 19.06.2020, XNUMX in Landsweiler:

"During the inspection, which lasted several hours, a total of 36 cars and 13 motorcycles were subjected to a traffic control. A total of 13 vehicles were found to have expired. The drivers are expected to pay a fine of between EUR 90 and EUR 135. Of these, two vehicles were secured for the purpose of carrying out an expert report. As a result, the drivers face further significant costs. 11 vehicles were prohibited from continuing.

In addition, two drivers were driving without a valid driver's license, three people were under the influence of alcohol and / or narcotics. A controlled car war neither approved nor insured.

A road user also tried to flee his car from the control measure. He and his passenger were arrested and arrested by the officers after a short persecution trip and a subsequent persecution on foot. Both people had already made significant police appearances and were under the influence of narcotics. The driver did not have a valid driver's license. The car was neither registered nor insured. In addition, small amounts of narcotics and a one-handed knife were found. Corresponding criminal proceedings have been initiated.

In addition, mobile speed measurements were carried out in the area.

A total of 56 road users were traveling too fast, one driver reached the top speed of 90 km / h with a permitted 50 km / h.

The driver is expected to pay a fine and a driving ban, ”the police statement continues.

And: The police point out that further checks of this type will be carried out during the year.