Cup derby in Friedrichsthal

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

Today, Wednesday evening, our 1st team in the Sparkassen-Pokal is going to the derby in Friedrichsthal. Kick-off on the lawn at Franzschacht is at 19 p.m. The game will be led by referee Niclas Zemke from FV Fischbach.


SC Friedrichsthal withdrew from the Saarland League in 2017 for financial reasons. From then on they played in the Saarbrücken district league, where the 2nd team was based at the time and now continued to play as the 1st team. The green-whites are trained by the coaching duo Markus Becker and Philipp Kerber, both of whom were long-time SCF players. In this season the "Thaler" got off to a dream start. There were 6 wins out of the first 6 games. In addition, the regional league team Altenwald was defeated in the cup. Recently, however, there were 2 defeats for Friedrichsthal, for example on Sunday at 1: 4 in Großrosseln. Nevertheless, the gap to leaders Bübingen is only 1 point. The SCF will certainly be highly motivated today in order to possibly trip the favorite from Quiigart.

Our first team started with a whopping 1: 13 victory in Hanweiler in this year's cup round and the goal in Friedrichsthal is to move confidently into the next round without ifs or buts. The league game on Sunday in Mettlach cost a lot of strength, after all, the Wambe had to make do with 0 men for 70 minutes. In any case, coach Thomas Bettinger will mix up the team a bit in the cup, especially because the next game in the league against Primstal is already on Saturday (10:16 p.m. at Franzenhaus).

We hope for a nice and fair cup game, after correction of the number of spectators by the Friedrichsthal Public Order Office A total of 260 spectators can watch the game on site. 130 tickets have already been sold, and the tills for the remaining tickets in Friedrichsthal will open from 17:30 p.m.


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