Cup: Wednesday against Bliesransbach

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

Our third round cup game will take place on Wednesday, September 3th at 11.09:19 p.m. against the national league team SC Bliesransbach.

The game will be played on SV Auersmacher's lawn.

Sparkassen-Pokal 3rd round Wed 11.09.19 19:00 p.m. in Auersmacher, SC Bliesransbach - Spvgg Quierschied


In June 2018, SC Bliesransbach suffered a severe blow. The domestic artificial turf was totally devastated by a violent storm and was subsequently unplayable. Thanks to great support, the future of the club was secured - a new natural grass is currently being built. The club will celebrate its 2020th anniversary on this new course in 100. The club will hold its home games in Auersmacher until completion. The SC Blies plays with its first team in the Landesliga Süd, where our second team is also based (previous record of the SCB: 2th place, 8 wins - 3 defeats). And there was already a clash between the two on matchday three. Bliesransbach won 3: 3 at the Franzenhaus and impressed with a brisk offensive game. In the last round, the team trained by Kai Kempf won 6-4 in DJK Burbach.

Place of devastation: In June 2018, a violent storm occurred in Saarland. SC Bliesransbach was also hit hard, the club was afraid for its existence. Source photo:

For our 1st team, there is clearly the requirement to meet their favorite role on Wednesday and reach the next cup round. After you almost made it into the round of XNUMX last year, you want to try to get far this year as well. After all, you can hope for an attractive home game from a certain round. Our team against Bliesransbach will certainly play a little differently than in the last league game against Eppelborn. One or the other player will be missing, with ailing players there will be no risk due to the next important league game in Bischmisheim. Nevertheless, coach Robin Vogtland will have a strong team that needs the right attitude for such a cup game.

The game is directed by Olivier Wolfers.

At the weekend, our two active teams are not in action due to the referee strike. The next league games will take place on September 22.09.19, XNUMX (first in Bischmisheim, second in Röchlinghöhe).


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