Car overturns on the L244 between Sulzbach and St. Ingbert

St. Ingbert / Sulzbach (ots) - On Saturday, November 07.11.2020th, 22 at around 00:244 p.m., a single accident occurred on the L 18 between St. Ingbert and Sulzbach, in which a gray Opel Astra overturned and ultimately on the roof of the Digging came to a standstill. After a sharp left turn, the vehicle probably skidded. The 30-year-old driver from Saarbrücken-Dudweiler was able to free himself from the vehicle. Fortunately, the driver suffered only minor injuries but was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution. A tow crane was required to recover the vehicle. The road had to be completely closed in both directions. The recovery work took about XNUMX minutes. The road could then be released again.

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Posted by: Police inspection Sankt Ingbert

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