Cars with manhole covers thrown in St. Ingbert

St. Ingbert-Mitte (ots) - As part of the general patrol, officers of the St. Ingbert police were on the night from November 07.11.2020th, 08.11.2020 to November 107th, 25, in Blieskasteler Straße in St. Ingbert, on the Peugeot 08.11.2020 of a 02- year-old resident, whose window pane on the driver's door was smashed with a manhole cover. The act must have occurred on November 00th, 04 between 20:1000 a.m. and 06894:1090 a.m. According to the injured party, no objects were stolen from the car. The damage to the car amounts to around XNUMX EUR. It is not yet known where the manhole cover supposedly came from. If someone has observed the crime and is able to provide information about a perpetrator or the facts of the matter, please contact the St. Ingbert police station for information on XNUMX/XNUMX.

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Posted by: Police inspection Sankt Ingbert

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