Car hit by a stone from a bridge on the B 41 near Niederlinxweiler

Damaged vehicle | Image: Kirchheimbolanden Police Department
Damaged vehicle | Image: Kirchheimbolanden Police Department

St. Wendel (ots) - On Wednesday, September 02.09.2020nd, 12.50, at around 41:41 p.m., a car driver drove her black BMW on the B XNUMX from Ottweiler in Rtg. St. Wendel. When she was under the bridge, at the level of Niederlinxweiler train station, she suddenly noticed a small object that flew onto her vehicle. At about the same time she also heard popping noises. The woman was very frightened by this and was fortunately able to keep her lane (right lane there). When she later stopped her vehicle and checked it for damage, she discovered fresh damage to the body, which could have been caused by "stone impacts". The woman suspects that her vehicle was hit by a stone that came from the bridge above. She was unable to provide any information about further circumstances or possible persons on the bridge. The police investigation has started. In this regard, the St. Wendel police are looking for witnesses who can provide information about the incident. Under certain circumstances, the driver / or. the driver of a dark blue car that drove behind the vehicle of the indicator and left the BXNUMX at the Oberlinxweiler exit, provide information on this.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Sankt Wendel

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