Pisa expert wants laptops for all students

Children play in a school playground, about dts
Children play in a school playground, about dts
The German Pisa commissioner Kristina Reiss calls for laptops for all students, not just for those in need.

"We have been pursuing the 'bring your own device' strategy for far too long, i.e. using devices that the students already own," said the head of the School of Education at the Technical University of Munich to the "Handelsblatt" (Monday edition). “I am strictly against it, because then teachers have no control over what happens on these devices. So we not only need laptops for poorer students, but of course we have to equip all students. "

Reiss calls for compulsory training courses so that teachers can also use digital devices and methods. “Advanced training is mandatory in all federal states? however, the choice of topic is free. With digitization there should have been compulsory training for a long time. "

But through Corona “we all understood how useful digital technologies can be? now further training can fall on much more fertile ground ”. In general, the didactics professors demand “binding rules on how the advanced training of teachers continues after the exam”. Reiss, on the other hand, considers a compulsory subject of computer science, as individual countries have already introduced, to be unnecessary. "Digital maturity must be conveyed in every subject."