Philologists Association NRW urges new rules for schools

After the postponement of the school topics, the Philologists Association of North Rhine-Westphalia is pushing for a quick agreement on uniform national rules in school policy.

"Time is running out. A week is too long, ”said state chairwoman Sabine Mistler with a view to a possible new date on November 23 of the“ Rheinische Post ”(Tuesday edition).

In view of the great uncertainty in schools and the increasing number of infections, nationwide solutions must be discussed at an earlier point in time. Harald Willert, chairman of the NRW school management association, sees great confusion in schools. The mere question of who decides on distance teaching leads to uncertainty. In practice, this is usually the responsibility of the health authorities.

However, they are often overburdened and sometimes apply different criteria: "Many school principals fear that they will make wrong decisions even then."