Caregiver warns of avoidable deaths

The federal government's authorized nursing officer, Andreas Westerfellhaus, warns of avoidable deaths due to staff shortages in clinics.

"There have been studies for a long time that the number of specialists available has a direct effect on the complication rate and the number of deaths," said Westerfellhaus to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday issues). "If a patient is ventilated and there is nobody but the machine, people can die from complications that shouldn't die," said the authorized representative.

"The risk is many times higher." He found it good that members of the Bundestag applauded the nurses for their work in the corona crisis, said Westerfellhaus. “If it stayed that way, it would be fatal.” Even a bonus could only be a small signal. He calls for nationwide collective agreements and higher wages: "A considerable improvement in the collective wage is definitely part of it," said Westerfellhaus the Funke newspapers. He could only hope that all those involved in the ongoing collective bargaining had recognized the signs of the times.