Pedelec rider crashed without a helmet

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Bous (ots) - On Friday morning, the police received news of a cyclist who had fallen in the street Am Weinberg in Bous. He was injured and bleed profusely. According to initial findings at the scene of the accident, the bike was a pedelec. The 70-year-old driver from Bous had to be hospitalized with serious head injuries. He wasn't wearing a bicycle helmet. As a witness told the police, he was near the scene of the accident at the time of the accident, when the cyclist was driving down the downhill street. Suddenly he heard a loud bang. When he turned around, he saw the pedelec rider lying on the street. Another vehicle was not nearby at that time. The police also did not find any traces of another vehicle on the pedelec, so that it is currently assumed that the car was a solo accident.

The police are asking witnesses to report themselves on phone number 06831/9010.

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