Breakdown in nationwide test alarm - systems overloaded

The first nationwide test alarm since reunification did not go smoothly.

The nationwide report via the "MoWaS" warning system could only be delivered late, the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief announced at noon. The nationwide report was only received by the dts news agency at 11:30 a.m., exactly half an hour later than announced.

"The reason for this was an unexpected simultaneous triggering of a large number of warning messages via MoWaS," said the Federal Office. In fact, countless local authorities that wanted to take part in the so-called “warning day” had triggered a local test alarm at 11 am and in some cases even shortly before, apparently overloading the system. “The release concept discussed in advance provided for a pure release by the federal government with MoWaS,” it said. The authority spoke of a “phenomenon” that provides “important findings for the expansion of MoWaS and the necessary further coordination between the federal and state authorities involved”.

Many warning apps such as “Nina” and “Katwarn” were also triggered late or, according to many users, not at all.