Pandemic burdens every second freelancer heavily to very heavily

Woman on a laptop, on dts
Woman on a laptop, on dts
Every second freelancer in Germany is severely or very severely affected by the corona crisis.

Every eighth company also fears that it will not survive the coming year, according to a still unpublished survey by the Federal Association of Liberal Professions (BFB), which the "Rheinische Post" reported in its Saturday edition. On behalf of the BFB, the Institute for Liberal Professions surveyed almost 1.900 self-employed freelancers about the economic consequences of the pandemic between the beginning and the end of September.

One in eight companies or 12,3 percent also fear bankruptcy in 2021. More than one in ten freelancers had to lay off employees during the pandemic. According to the survey, this is particularly true for companies with ten to 49 employees: In this group, 17,6 percent have already had to cut jobs. One in four freelancers also fears having to part with employees by the end of 2020.

Another five percent expect this for the coming year. "This puts another 180.000 jobs in the industry at risk," said BFB President Wolfgang Ewer. Almost 30 percent of all freelancers have used the federal bridging aid, according to the survey. Ewer welcomed the improvements planned by Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) in the aid, but demanded further subsidies for living, especially for solo self-employed and small freelance units.

The KfW quick loan must also be granted to companies with fewer than ten employees.