Obama extensively praises Merkel

Barack Obama, about dts
Barack Obama, about dts
Former US President Barack Obama praised the German Chancellor effusively.

“I think very highly of Angela Merkel. So far, she has been an outstanding political leader, not just for Germany, but for Europe and the world, ”said Barack Obama to“ Stern ”and the RTL media group. At the beginning, he did not have an easy time with Merkel.

“At first she was a bit skeptical and said that she would initially distrust people who give such great speeches.” There were also differences of opinion with Merkel about economic policy. "So we had our arguments," said Obama. "But she was consistently consistent, clever, focused, instinctively lovable, a good person." In the interview conducted in Washington on Friday, Obama also commented on the election of Joe Biden as the new US President. Biden was Obama's deputy between 2009 and 2017. "This election has at least stopped the bleeding once," said the 59-year-old about the difficult situation in his country after almost four years with Donald Trump at the helm. "Now we can change course and remind the world and ourselves of what we stand for."

Obama sees profound problems in US society that Biden's election will not solve. “In our country, the dividing lines between the worlds run not only along skin color and belief, but also geographically, between town and country. Perhaps most damaging, however, is the fact that each side now has its own media and consequently its own facts. It is very difficult to reach compromises if you do not start from a common reality. ”Regarding his own motivations for his political career, Obama said:“ My original motivation for entering public life and politics, my desire to achieve something big may have to do with the fact that my father was not present, that I was an outsider and always wanted to belong. "

The former US president is releasing his autobiography this week.