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News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

On the 28th matchday of the Saarbrücken district league, the second team made a guest appearance at 1.FC Riegelsberg II. There was still a lot going on for the relegation-threatened hosts.

The "Zwädd" did not want to burn anything in this game from the start. So it was already 0: 1 for the Wambe after only two minutes. An opening pass from Justin Bähring to the outside track on Niklas Follmann and his strong cross could use Sascha Scheid. Riegelsberg was only behind in the first half, but also because the championship leader kept building up pressure. In the 17th minute Hendrik Grätz failed from a promising position on the goalkeeper. Four minutes later he did better and, again after a good cross from Follmann, pushed in to 0: 2. Player coach Yannik Eiler increased to 31: 0 after 3 minutes after a corner kick. With a cross from Bähring Scheid was able to increase his second goal to 0: 4 and at the same time bring about the preliminary decision in the game (38.).

The "Zwädd" had actually set out to increase the result in the second round. However, you switched down three gears and so the host also had chances. Only the crossbar prevented the connection goal in the 52nd minute. Six minutes later, however, Riegelsberg scored the honor goal when they completely fell asleep in the back team and let the goal scorer run alone on goal. After that, the game rippled and apart from a great opportunity for Hendrik Grätz in the 60th minute nothing significant happened. So it remained with the 1-4 victory of the "Zwädd".

Mandatory task fulfilled, but with the performance from the second half that's not enough in the derby against Schnappach next week. In this game, the championship title can be made clear at home. Schnappach will not surrender without a fight. But with the big goal in mind everyone will knock everything out. Give everything again!


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker