Nouripour: Beirut explosion needs to be cleared up

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Eckardt, on dts
The Greens' foreign policy spokesman in the Bundestag, Omid Nouripour, has called on the German government to offer aid to Lebanon in clarifying the cause of the explosion in Beirut.

"It must be clarified what happened and who is responsible for it," said Nouripour to the "editorial network Germany". The impression should not be created that something is being hushed up, because that too could destabilize the situation again.

"The federal government should check whether it can help with the clarification - in addition to the other offers of help, for example with structural engineers and other experts." Germany enjoys great trust in Lebanon and is "perceived as a guarantee for a careful investigation". Aid for Lebanon is "about the stability of the country and the entire region," said Nouripour. He called on the Lebanese government to accept Israel's offer of aid. “It is great that Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi have offered help. It would send a strong signal to the Lebanese government to accept this aid. It would show that this is not about power and politics right now, ”he said.