Coercion and road traffic hazard on the BAB 6, at the connection point St.Ingbert-Mitte

| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern
| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

St.Ingbert (ots) - On Sunday, September 06.09.2020th, 18 around 45:6 p.m. there was a forced traffic and a road traffic hazard on the A54 motorway near the St. A 407-year-old woman from St. Ingbert first drove her black Peugeot 6 on the A6 motorway from Saarbrücken in the direction of Homburg. Already in the construction site area of ​​the Grumbachtalbrücke, a white Audi A6 station wagon with the Homburg district number plate sat behind the injured party and drove several kilometers to the junction St. Ingbert-Mitte so close that she could no longer read the Audi number plate in the rearview mirror. When the injured party then drove onto the exit lane at the St. Ingbert-Mitte junction, the white Audi sat in front of the injured party and braked it to a standstill. The Audi driver then positioned himself at an angle on the restricted area between the downhill area and the continuous lane so that the passenger in the Audi could film or photograph the injured party with a smartphone. The Audi driver then drove a few meters backwards on the autobahn to maneuver in order to be able to continue on the BAB 6 in the direction of Homburg. The injured party was ultimately able to read the full license plate number of the white Audi A6 Avant and report it to the police. Did the driving maneuver of the white Audi A06894 Avant force or endanger other road users? Are there any witnesses who observed the crime? If so, please contact the St. Ingbert police station on Tel .: 1090-XNUMX.

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