Justice Minister dampens hopes of restaurateurs and hoteliers

Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) does not expect those who have been completely vaccinated to return to restaurants, hotels or cultural institutions any faster.


You have no claim that something is opened, said Lambrecht in the program "Frühstart" from RTL and n-tv. This is legally justifiable, since the closed businesses are currently receiving aid from the state for their loss of sales.

“This is currently the way to compensate for the fact that fundamental rights are being interfered with,” said the SPD politician. In addition, Lambrecht also questions the economic success of the current opening: The question is whether it now makes sense to open restaurants only to vaccinated people. "I think it would not make economic sense." The upcoming easing should only apply to vaccinated and convalescent people, because negative tests are only "snapshots", says Lambrecht. “In the future, vaccinated and convalescent people will be able to go to the hairdresser without having to submit a test. Conversely, the restrictions in the contact area for the tested cannot be lifted because it does not have the same intensity. Therefore, we unfortunately have to make the distinction for a few more days or a few weeks. "When vaccinated, convalescent and everyone else get their full basic rights back, Lambrecht does not want to commit himself:" When the incidence is below 100 again, the countries are back on the train, ”said the Justice Minister.

"That will be the hour when we can all get back to normal."