Number of corona vaccinations in Germany rises to 23,5 million

The number of first-time corona vaccinations in Germany rose to 23,5 million by Monday.


This is shown by data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Compared to the data published on Friday, the number of people vaccinated rose by 1,1 million.

At the weekend, the RKI had not published any new figures. With 184.686 “vaccination series started” on Sunday and 242.473 on Saturday, the vaccination rate was again significantly lower than on working days. The nationwide vaccination quota (without second vaccinations) is currently 28,25 percent of the population. This value deviates slightly from the information provided by the RKI, as the institute does not consider vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson for the first vaccinations.

In the past seven days, an average of 573.000 people were vaccinated against the coronavirus for the first time every day. If the pace continued and the current number of new infections every day remained the same, around 2021 percent of the population would have been vaccinated - or had the infection - in June 60.