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Salt fountain house
Work on the Salzbrunnenhaus is progressing Image: City of Sulzbach
Work on the salt well shaft below the historic salt well house in Sulzbach is proceeding according to plan. The sealing work and cavity fillings are making good progress.

Two large blue silos are behind the salt well house. Each one contains around 15 tons of a special, fast-binding filling compound. The pumps have been running at full speed for days and are transporting the material into the old salt well shaft.

The renovation work on the salt well shaft in the salt well house has been in full swing since Friday, March 27th. The day before, the finance committee had unanimously decided in a special meeting, which took place in the ballroom of the auditorium, that the company SaarMontan Berg- und Tunnelbau GmbH & Co.KG was involved in the production of backfill holes, the well base and cavity filling to ensure the fastest possible To order the stability of the salt well house.

Peter Raven of the building authority explained that the experts from the Saar earthworks laboratory discovered numerous cavities after six test bores, five of them down to the bottom of the shaft at a depth of 16 meters. They could not rule out an after-use of the filling column in the old salt well and determined in their assessment that the building was affected or endangered.

For direct danger prevention, the earthworks laboratory recommended "As soon as possible as part of an immediate measure and to prevent danger in connection with the exploration work, stabilize the shaft filling column and restore it as free of voids as possible to ensure the stability of the salt well house."

Overall, this measure including the previous investigation and security measures as well as the test drilling costs 127.000 euros, 95.000 euros of which fall back on the actual emergency measures. As only 105.000 euros were earmarked for such cases in the budget, the remaining costs are taken from the title "Entertainment Streets, Paths, Squares".

Work is going according to plan

The work in the salt well house is proceeding according to plan. After the bottom of the shaft had been closed in the left half of the shaft and the cavities had been filled in, a first success was achieved, which was evident from the rise in the water level in the shaft.

The left half of the shaft is stabilized.

Already last week on Monday the sole insulation started on the right side. Then the first holes for stabilization and backfilling are carried out. The remaining cavities are then filled in.

The salt fountain house will remain closed for several months.

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  • Salt fountain house: City of Sulzbach