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News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

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At yesterday's last training session of the 19/20 season, Niko Culum (21) and Max Simonett (18) presented two more newcomers. Niko played for the Wambe as an A youth player from Saarbrücken in 2017 and then switched to FC Rastpfuhl. There he played 48 games in the association and Saarland league. It is planned for the defensive. Max comes to the Franzenhaus from Hella's wayside shrine. At the age of 18, he played 14 games (4 goals) for the Bundesliga club this season and is on the offensive. Robin Gehring (18, without photo) comes from the A youth team of FC Homburg to Quierschied. He is supposed to gain active experience and plays in central defense. In addition, Luca Lambert (without photo) from our own senior youth is now being pulled up to the 1st team. Luca has been with the first since January and showed in many test games in preparation that we have a great talent in our ranks. Luca is set up in peace, but will surely sniff already in the new round Saarland League air. He can play in defense and midfield. Matthias Krauss (27, VfB Dillingen, without photo) has long been known as a newcomer. New coach Thomas Bettinger said a few words to the assembled team for the first time yesterday, to send them back for a break and to welcome them again on July 19 at the start.

We can also welcome new players to the 2nd team. Max Mäs (21) comes from SC Friedrichsthal from the district league. There he played 16 games this season and scored 2 goals. Johannes Hell comes from SV Bardenbach. The 25-year-old played 12 games in the national league in this round. Furthermore, Tobias Meiser (without photo) joins the Landesliga team from his own senior youth. Tobi is 18 years old and was integrated into the team through training last season. The second team will complete their last training session on Saturday and we will announce the restart. In the next round, the Zwädd will be trained by Manuel Dillenburger and his assistant coach Yannik Eiler, as has been known for some time.

We warmly welcome all newcomers to Wambe ⚫(I.e..

It is open when the new season can start again. So far, there have been no reliable signals from either the Saarland state government or the Saarland Football Association, and it is hoped that September will start again.

Max Simonett.
Niko Culum.
Max Mäs (left), Johannes Hell and new coach Manuel Dillenburger.


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  • 44th Hoferkopfspiele - 21.06/XNUMX - The consortium: Petra Pabst
  • 44th Hoferkopfspiele - 21.06/XNUMX - The consortium: Petra Pabst
  • 44th Hoferkopfspiele - 21.06/XNUMX - The consortium: Petra Pabst