Nations League: Germany with a draw against Switzerland

Timo Werner in the jersey of the national team, press photo Ulmer / Markus Ulmer, on dts
Timo Werner in the jersey of the national team, press photo Ulmer / Markus Ulmer, on dts
On the fourth match day of the UEFA Nations League, the German national soccer team drew 3: 3 at home against the Swiss team.

The Löw-Elf tried to force a lead in the first few minutes with early pressing. Instead, she fell behind in the fifth minute when Freuler was allowed to head the ball back into the penalty area after a corner and Gavranovic hit Neuer in the left bend.

The German team then sat down in the Swiss penalty area, but without creating any compelling chances. Instead, the Swiss had a great chance again in the 16th minute of the game when Seferovic intercepted a pass from Neuer in the build-up and Gavranovic used it, but this failed from the half-right position on Neuer. The hosts had long possession times, the goal threat was the guests. After a nice heel pass from Shaqiri, Seferovic shot the leather free-standing from 18 meters into the clouds.

In the 26th minute, Freuler made it much better: after a picture book counterattack and a pass from Seferovic, the Bergamo professional lifted the play equipment over Neuer into the goal. But the German team reacted in the 28th minute when Werner started the solo and finished flat against three opponents in the right corner. In the 35th minute, Gosens tried his left instep from 16 meters, but Sommer scraped the ball out of the right angle. In the 44th minute, Kroos put a shot from 19 meters just off the left bend.

Germany put a lot of pressure in the second half and equalized in the 55th minute when Havertz first conquered the leather himself, dribbled into the penalty area and then hit the far corner. But the joy did not last long: in the 56th minute Seferovic came free twice in front of Neuer, was parried both times by the Bayern keeper, but Gavranovic hit the third ball centrally under the crossbar. But even this score did not last long: in the 60th minute Werner passed from the baseline to Gnabry, who artfully sunk the play device with the hoe in the left corner. In the 81st minute Gnabry passed the substitute Draxler, who only hit the side netting from a half-right position.

In stoppage time Schär saw the yellow-red card after a foul on Draxler. Ultimately, however, the point-sharing between Germany and Switzerland remained.