Many young Germans switch to caravans at Easter

Many Germans seem to want to switch to caravans for the upcoming Easter holiday.


The founder of a caravan rental company told the news portal Watson that initially there were fewer rental inquiries than usual for Easter, now the situation is changing. "We are now almost 70 percent fully booked over Easter, and that happened in a very short time," said the entrepreneur.

"You can see that people have obviously waited and can now better assess what it will look like in three weeks." It is also noticeable that holidaymakers would not venture abroad: "Certainly 90 percent of the current bookings relate to domestic Routes, ”said the quasi-expert. It was different last year. "About half of the drivers made their way abroad."

According to the company founder, he receives a particularly large number of inquiries from younger customers. There has also been an upward trend among caravan owners in recent years: According to a study by the statistics portal Statista published in July, 1,83 million people in Germany owned a caravan or caravan in 2020; 2016 million.