Survey: Every second industrial worker worries about a job

A good half of the employees in the chemical and electrical industry are concerned about the security and sustainability of their jobs.


That is the result of a survey by the union IG BCE among around 1.500 employees in its member industries, on which the newspapers of the "Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland" report. When asked which topic was particularly important to them after more than a year of pandemic, 52 percent of those questioned answered that job security by investing in the future.

As the second most important topic with an approval rate of 26 percent, the employees named the clear demarcation of work and private life in times of home office. 22 percent of those surveyed named relief for families with children as their most important concern. The employees gave their employers a mixed certificate for the management of the pandemic. 48 percent stated that their companies took sufficient care of compliance with the hygiene rules and had found flexible working time regulations for parents.

However, 42 percent were of the opinion that there was still room for improvement in their company in both cases. Ten percent said that increased workload and unnecessary risks dominated their professional life. "So far, the industry has come through the corona crisis relatively lightly economically," said IG-BCE chairman Michael Vassiliadis to the RND. “From the point of view of the employees, we have properly regulated work and occupational safety under pandemic conditions.” However, the employees were worried about other concerns.

"The industrial workers are calling for an end to hesitation and hesitation in future investments in training, infrastructure and new technologies," said Vassiliadis. “In contrast to other sectors, the industry made good money during the crisis. It is time that she invested it in her transformation and made industrial work future-proof. "