Scholz wants to extend Corona aid - cancellation of the economic stimulus program

Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants to extend the economic aid launched in the corona pandemic.


"I am firmly convinced that we should extend the economic aid again and that we should soon make a clear announcement by the end of the year," said Scholz to the "Handelsblatt" (Wednesday edition). The same applies to the rules on short-time work.

“Even if the pandemic is largely over in the summer, many will still need support this year. They should get that too, ”explained Scholz. On the other hand, Scholz rejected another economic stimulus program. “Our policy is already very expansive. For this year I expect good growth, maybe even better than many believe, ”said Scholz.

For the years 2020 to 2022, the federal government will take on more than 400 billion euros in debt. "I think this decision is absolutely right - but that's not a little money either." Scholz also rejected demands for tax cuts for companies.

When asked whether taxes for companies should be reduced in view of the comparatively high tax rates in Germany or the planned introduction of a global minimum tax, the Federal Finance Minister said: "No, I see no reason at all." This is how Great Britain and the USA planned the tax rates for companies to raise again, "insofar as we are moving in an international convoy," said the finance minister.