Saxony-Anhalt expects 70 percent less from Astrazeneca

The state of Saxony-Anhalt puts the minus in the planned deliveries from Astrazeneca at over two-thirds.


"In the next three weeks, Saxony-Anhalt will receive around 70 percent fewer vaccine doses from the manufacturer Astrazeneca than previously promised," said the State Ministry of Health on Saturday. Since all federal states are given equal rights according to their share of the population, the minus should therefore be similar everywhere.

This is a bitter damper for the vaccination progress in the state, said Saxony-Anhalt Health Minister Petra Grimme-Benne (SPD). “We have to react to this and adapt deliveries.” Thuringia had already stopped assigning appointments beforehand. The vaccination appointments that have already been made would, however, be kept.

In fact, Germany has so far hoarded over half of the Astrazeneca active ingredient, even though this was expressly not requested by the Federal Ministry of Health. The second vaccinations are thus secured, even if nothing more would arrive from Astrazeneca.