| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

After the burglary in Homburg / police released two phantom pictures

Saarbrücken / Homburg (ots) - After a burglary in a property in Helmholtzstrasse in 66424 Homburg on January 10.01.2020, 16, between 30:18 and 15:XNUMX p.m., the burglary department is looking for the perpetrators with two phantom images.

At least three previously unknown men broke into the house on Helmholtzstrasse by prying open a cellar window. During the break-in, they stole two cube safes in which the victims kept high-quality jewelry. During the removal of the safes, the perpetrators were observed by a witness, with whose help two phantom pictures could be taken.

The strangers fled with a silver-colored station wagon with French registration plates (black numbers on a white background).

The stolen cube safes could be found a few days after the crime, on January 15.01.2020, XNUMX, in Bliesbruck / France near the Saarland border.

The three perpetrators are described as follows:

Person 1 (Phantom Image No. 20-0446-01)

- about 25 to 30 years old
- about 180 to 185 cm tall
- slim figure
- dark brown skin tone
- eye-catching, asymmetrical afro hairstyle
- dressed in black leather jacket, black jeans and
black sneakers person 2 (phantom image no. 20-0446-05)

- about 25 years old
- about 190 cm tall
- strong, athletic figure, broad shoulders
- possibly southern phenotype
- black hair cut short on the sides
- neat appearance
- wore black sneakers, black trousers with horizontal stripes, dark ones
Hooded sweater, black leather jacket and a thin silver one
Necklace person 3

- Dressed in dark Please report the perpetrators to the long-term crime service (Tel .: 0681 / 962-2133) or by email to the burglary department (lpp212.1@polizei.slpol.de).

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Originally written by: State Police Headquarters Saarland

The text is a press release from the responsible police authority. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.

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