After apartment fire: police are looking for witnesses

Wiebelskirchen fire
Fire in Wiebelskirchen, image: Christopher Benkert

On Tuesday, a residential building in the Neunkircher district of Wiebelskirchen burned. In addition to several slightly injured people, a dead person was found in the attic. The police is now looking for witnesses.

The house on Kuchenbergstrasse was considerably damaged by the fire. According to initial estimates, the damage to the no longer habitable building is more than 500.000 euros.

In the building there is a restaurant, a travel agency and several private apartments in which the city of Neunkirchen housed refugees.

Twelve injured, one dead

The fire department saved twelve people from the burning building. After extensive support work on the ceilings by the THW and the fire brigade, the fire investigators and officials from the department for capital offenses were able to start work in the building.

The investigators found a body in an attic apartment, which is now being autopsied to determine identity and the cause of death in forensic medicine in Homburg.

Witnesses who can provide relevant information about the fire or who have made observations of the location of the fire are asked to contact the long-term crime service on 0681/962 - 2133.

Picture sources:

  • Wiebelskirchen fire: Christopher Benkert / volunteer fire brigade Neunkirchen