After a near accident, the situation escalates - a driver drives towards a cyclist

Bous (ots) - On Saturday, around 11:40 a.m., the Saarlouis police were informed about a traffic accident in the roundabout in Saarbrücker Straße in Bous between a cyclist and a vehicle.

As witnesses reported, an older man is said to have driven into the roundabout in his gray VW Golf and disregarded the right of way of the cyclist. The cyclist only narrowly escaped a collision. As a result, there was a solid argument between the two road users. The situation is heating up to such an extent that the car driver promptly accelerated his vehicle with the Saarbrücken district license plate and drove it head-on towards the cyclist. He recognized the situation and stood behind his bike to protect himself. The perpetrator repeated this process three times and steered his vehicle towards the cyclist, each time causing a collision. Ultimately, the cyclist escaped to the edge of the road, the car driver ran over the rear wheel of the bicycle and fled from the location. The cyclist was apparently unharmed by the incident.

The investigation has now been started by the Saarlouis police station. The Saarlouis police station asks 06831-9010 to notify us of any information about the crime.

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Posted by: Saarlouis police inspection

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