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Mouthguards are becoming increasingly unpopular

Politicians, scientists and many citizens are concerned about the increasingly lax handling of their compatriots with the obligation to wear a mask.

Claus-Christian Carbon from the University of Bamberg told the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” (FAS) that “the erosion of wearing the mask” could be spoken of. The perceptual psychologist conducts research on the conditions under which citizens accept masks.

He sees various reasons why some people do not wear the mask or only wear it carelessly - mouth covered, nose free. On the one hand, he sees overlaps between mask refusals and system critics who fundamentally did not believe the Federal Government, the scientists who advised them, and the classic media. "They want to oppose Merkel et alii by doing without masks," says Carbon. This thesis is supported by findings from researchers working together in the “Cosmo” project.

They continuously measure how protective the Germans are. Accordingly, the acceptance of the measures has currently dropped to the level of before the lockdown. Almost 20 percent of the respondents consider the measures to be excessive. According to the researchers, this group is significantly different from the satisfied majority in the country: "It is poorly informed about protective measures, trusts the authorities less, feels less risk, perceives the outbreak as a media hype and is more likely to follow conspiracy theories".

However, the psychologist Carbon also believes that many people have simply become more careless because the pandemic seems less threatening to them than it did in the spring. You would have lost "contact with necessity". There has been a lot of good news recently and the topic of illness has moved into the background. People wanted to enjoy summer weather and vacation.

In addition, many would have observed how others without a mask drove or bought buses. These are moments when your own behavior can tip over. According to the motto: If he allows himself to do that, I will allow myself to do it. The railway has meanwhile announced that it plans to distribute disposable masks on a large scale.

In the next few weeks, she will “issue more than 300.000 masks to travelers and station visitors nationwide,” said a railway spokesman for the FAS. Recently, there has been repeated criticism that passengers without a mask had traveled on many trains. The Vice President of the German Medical Association, Ellen Lundershausen, warned the FAS against issuing medical certificates to release people from the obligation to wear a mask. "You don't annoy the patient and you avoid discussions at that moment." Only a few serious illnesses made it unreasonable to wear a mask, she told the FAS. And whoever has these diseases is often in a condition that he doesn't even get out.

A few days ago, the State Medical Association of Hesse also felt it was necessary to publicly warn doctors not to favorly exempt patients from the obligation to wear a mask.

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