Motorcycle accident with 2 seriously injured people

Quiersche, Fischbach-Camphausen (ots) - This evening, around 18:00 p.m., there was a traffic accident with 2 seriously injured people in Talstraße in 66287 Qui Various (L 127). A 17-year-old was driving his motorcycle (125ccm) down Talstraße in 66287 Quiünsch, coming from Rußhütter Straße in the direction of Weiherstraße. There was an 18-year-old passenger on the motorcycle. At the level of residential property no. 24, the motorcyclist lost control of his motorcycle for reasons unknown until now. As a result, he wavered and fell. The driver and his passenger were seriously injured as a result of the fall. They came to the surrounding hospitals with fractures in their arms or legs. According to current knowledge, it was a so-called solo accident, the otherwise typical causes of accidents such as excessive speed etc. are not taken into account. The Talstrasse was completely closed for the duration of the accident. The investigation continues.

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Posted by: Police inspection Sulzbach

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