Turn over by car onto B420 I.

Wöllstein (ots) - On Saturday, October 24.10.2020th, 05 there was a traffic accident early in the morning at around 30:420 a.m. on federal highway 29 near Wöllstein, in which the accident vehicle overturned. A 420-year-old drove his car on the country road coming from Wöllstein towards Gau-Bickelheim. At the roundabout B415 / LXNUMX, he probably lost control of his vehicle due to improper speed. At first he came off the road to the right, drove over the green strip there and collided with a traffic sign. Then the car overturned and came to rest on the roof. A witness was able to help the man out of his vehicle. He was taken to a hospital for examination by the rescue service, but according to initial findings he was practically uninjured. The vehicle, which had to be towed after the accident was recorded, suffered an economic total loss.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Alzey

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