Fit into old age with exercise

In the age of digitization, the subject of »movement« is taking a back seat. In the following article, we will examine what causes movement in your body and what health benefits it brings.

In our automated world we are relieved of many things that previously had to be done by hand or on foot with considerable effort and effort.
Be it an elevator, the car or other technical aids such as sweepers, leaf blowers or chainsaws, to name just a few things.
Of course, these reliefs are welcome, but they have also made us more comfortable and less active.

It has been proven that exercise only brings benefits. The World Health Organization WHO advises 10.000 steps a day to achieve a training effect. It is not important to run fast. Moderate walking also has a positive side effect.

This stimulates the circulation and thus the blood circulation, the entire body is better supplied with oxygen, especially the brain.
This leads to a significantly increased ability to concentrate and memory.

The increased blood flow releases more endorphins that have a positive effect on mood and happiness.
Furthermore, Alzheimer's is effectively pre-built, the blood sugar values ​​in type 2 diabetes are significantly improved because glucose is directly broken down from the blood as a source of energy and thus the blood sugar level drops.
The risk of heart attack is reduced, strokes are less common, as is depression.
You will also be able to fall asleep and sleep better with enough exercise.

So what speaks against leaving the car behind, leaving the elevator to the left and walking a few steps? Basically nothing, except your own convenience.
In fact, it is not a question of achieving top athletic performance, but of ensuring that everyone walks, runs or hikes as they please. An evening walk in the fresh air is something wonderful. Half an hour is enough and you will not only feel better, but also sleep better. With the feeling that you have done something for yourself and your health.

On weekends there are hiking trips with the whole family to explore beautiful landscapes.

Swimming or cycling offer the same effect and are suitable for those who have joint problems and are therefore not good on foot.

With all the positive effects that exercise has on body and soul, they should just try to overcome comfort and do something for themselves.