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Several meetings in the Saarbrücken city center ended trouble-free

This Saturday, four meetings took place in the state capital. All events were peaceful.

Saarbrücken (ots) - Saarbrücken. This Saturday, four meetings took place in the state capital. In addition to the Action Committee “Christians for Life”, which held a morning meeting in the city area with the theme “Atonement and Supplication: Life or Death?” animal rights activists met in Bahnhofstrasse in the afternoon to draw attention to the poor conditions in animal husbandry companies. Between 15:16 p.m. and 80:16 p.m., 17 meeting participants came to Tbilisser Platz in front of the State Theater to demonstrate against the corona measures. In addition, the Haus Afrika eV organized a meeting on the square in front of the Congress Hall between 300 and XNUMX p.m. - based on the incidents in the USA - under the motto: "Rally against Racism". XNUMX people took part here. Apart from a medical emergency, which resulted in the involvement of an ambulance, this event was also trouble-free.

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