Werstoffzentrum in Sulzbach reopened

Town hall Sulzbach
Rathaus Sulzbach, picture: Peter Diersch
The recycling center and the green waste collection point in Sulzbach have reopened on Monday, April 20.04.2020, XNUMX.

As the municipal service company (KDI) Sulzbach announced, the recycling center operated by it on behalf of the EVS at the railway mine in Altenwald will open its doors again on Monday.

Changed opening times apply for the recycling center for the next two weeks. The system is therefore open from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 14.45 p.m.

The green waste collection point, which is operated by the KDI on behalf of the city of Sulzbach and the municipality of Quierschied and is only a few steps away from the recycling center, opens its gates again for the first time on Wednesday, April 22, due to the tight traffic conditions.

It will also be open daily from 9 a.m. to 14.45 p.m. until further notice.

The EVS requests all customers to keep visits to the recycling center to a minimum. Everything should be prepared at home so that you spend as little time as possible in the system. Waste should be delivered in such a way that the different fractions do not have to be separated on the plant first.

If possible, only one type of waste should be delivered. The EVS asks to refrain from delivering waste paper and glass. The depot containers should be used for this. Furthermore, the EVS asks all customers to comply with the hygiene and distance rules - at least two meters - in front of and on the systems. According to a recommendation from the health authority, everyone should wear mouth and nose protection at the unloading points.

According to the EVS, a maximum of two occupants are permitted per car. Children should stay at home.

The number of suppliers is also limited. Only a maximum of two to three vehicles are allowed on the site. There is no assistance with unloading. Hazardous waste would not be accepted. EVS and KDI ask to follow the instructions of the staff.

With a view to the reopening of the green waste collection point next Wednesday, the two mayors Michael Adam (Sulzbach) and Lutz Maurer (Quierschied) explain. "With the opening of the facility, we meet the wishes of many citizens and have found a pragmatic solution together."

Picture sources:

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